Emergency Services

The main function of emergency services is to provide immediate life-saving care to critical and serious patients. The Triage concept (screening) is performed on all patients seeking emergency treatment to evaluate degree of urgency and seriousness of their condition. Priority is given to critical and serious cases. Emergency services are handled by the HCTM Department of Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Services

Critical emergencies
Emergency cases of danger signs and unstable vital signs.

Non-critical emergencies
Emergency cases without danger signs and have stable clinical signs.

Pre Hospital
Pre-hospital services are part of the scope of emergency medical services and trauma at the Emergency Department, HCTM.

Among the services provided include ambulance services and medical protective teams for sports events, conferences and others.

One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC)
The OSCC is a departmental initiative to help ease the burden and trauma of victims of domestic abuse cases, child abuse, rape and sodomy. It gathers all the expertise, police and welfare in managing those cases.

The cases will be prioritized and treated in the Anggerik Room (OSCC) except for critical cases that required better monitoring.

Types of Emergency Problems

  1. Unconscious or faint
  2. Respiratory difficulties
  3. Drown
  4. Choking
  5. Sneeze
  6. Severe injury or bleeding
  7. Severe pain
  8. Road accident
  9. Fire or severe burns
  10. Excessive poisoning or medicine or drug intake
  11. Broken bones

Only patients with emergency problems will be given this service. Non-emergency problems are advised to get treatment at the clinic. There are non-emergency cases such as:

  1. Small wound
  2. Cough and flu
  3. Light fever
  4. Light headache
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Rash or itching


  1. Nursing room
  2. Emergency pharmacy
  3. Room for critical / dying patient’s heir.


The HCTM reserves the right not to entertain any person who acts physically or verbally abusive or threatens any employee of HCTM.

Anyone who is found to be using abusive and/or intimidating words to any employee of the HCTM will be reported to the police.