Geran Penyelidikan/Perkhidmatan

1 FF-007-2012 Quality of life in colorectal cancer patients and factors influencing it. 2012-13 4,212
2 GGPM-2012-092 The economic burden of food borne disease in Malaysia. 2012-14 40,000 Geran Galakan Penyelidik Muda
3 FF-370-2012 Cost effectiveness analysis of twice against thrice HPV vaccinations in the prevention of cervical cancer in Malaysia. 2012-13 57,780 GSK
4 FF-435-2012 Economic evaluation on treatment of skeletal related events among breast and prostate cancer patients in Malaysia. 2012-14 41,000 GSK
5 FF-275-2012 Development of Packaged Payment Based on UNU-CBG Casemix System for Provider Payment in Provincial Health Insurance of Acheh, Indonesia. 2012-14 1,781 Fundamental
6 FF-069-2012 The Implementation of Jamkesda in West Sumatera Province: A Review Towards Universal Coverage and The Proposing of DRG as Provider Payment Mechanism 2012-14 1,250 Fundamental
7 FF-120-2012 Enhancement in Drug Selection Process for the National Drug Formulary using Multiattribute Utility Tool in Malaysia 2012-14 4,427 Fundamental
8 FF-307-2012 Economic Burden of Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Malaysia 2012-14 4,835 Fundamental
9 FF-331-2012 Malaysian Ability and Willingness to Pay for Healthcare and Their Influencing Factors 2012-14 10,000 Fundamental
10 FF-337-2012 Development of Cost and Nursing Services Weight for Malaysian Diagnosis Related Group (MY-DRG) in Universiti Kebangsaan M’sia Medical Centre (UKMMC) 2012-15 1,990 Fundamental
11 ERGS/1/2013/SKK11/UKM/02/2 Impact Of Clinical Pathway For Multidiciplinary Management Of Periodontitis On Cost And Quality In Oral Health Care Among Adult Patients 2011-13 41,800 KPT
12 FF-037-2012 Health education-impact of HRQOL, body image perception and healthy lifestyle among overweigh UKM medical centre staff. 2012-13 6,155 Fundamental
13 FF-034-2012 BACKS Tool: Tool to discriminate work-related chronic disabling back pain among employees. 2012-13 2,720 Fundamental
14 FF-007-2012 Quality of life in colorectal cancer patients and factors influencing it. 2012-13 4,212 Fundamental
15 FF-263-2012 Tahap kepuasan pesakit terhadap rawatan dan kaitannya dengan kualiti hidup pesakit kanser yang menjalani rawatan di pusat penjagaan paliatif di wad Onkologi. 2012-13 282 Fundamental
16 FF-222-2012 Measuring customer’s satisfaction among medical and dental client in university health centre UPM. 2012-13 2,569 Fundamental
17 FF-441-2012 Qualifications of NSAIDS duplicate therapy among the ambulatory cardiology patients at Pusat Perubatan UKM (PPUKM). 2012-13 Fundamental
18 FF-425-2012 Predictors of postpartum weight retention among Malaysian mothers: A prospective cohort study. 2012-13 7,790 Fundamental


UKM-PTS-2011-066 Faktor yang mempengaruhi kecekapan kakitangan sokongan dalam pengendalian program pengajian dan kesan program intervensi. 2012-14 88,000 Fundamental


FF-022-2013 Knowledge and acceptance of cervical cancer preventation program among mothers attended clinincs in UKMMC. 2012-13 1,445 Fundamental


FF-104-2-13 Family planning practice among married orang asli women in Hulu Langat. 2012-13 Fundamental


FF-2013-431 In Hospital Outcome And Risk Factors Of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angiopalsty (PTCA) Among Patients In Malaysian Private Hospital 2012-13 Fundamental


Economic burden of Zoonotic Diseases in Malaysia 2013-14 90,000 SEAHOUN


Assessing Burden of Pneumoccoccal Diseases in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines 2013-14 25,000 UNU-IIGH
JUMLAH 437,248