Panduan Asas

Admission to Ward

Patients who are admitted to the ward are through the Department of Emergency Medicine, Specialist Clinics and Day Care Centres.

Patients need to bring identification cards to facilitate the registration process. Information is required at the time of registration including name, address, telephone number and beneficiary name. Then patient has to go to the payment counter to make any payment / deposit.

Documents / Things to Note:

  • Patient Appointment Card
  • Admission slip
  • Pregnancy Report (For O & G ward patients – pregnant)
  • Allergic Card (If the patient has allergies). If the patients don’t have any document, they or family members are advised to inform the Emergency / Ward (Nurse / Doctor / Pharmacist on duty) regarding allergies / allergies
  • List of medicine/drugs
  • Letter of Guarantee / Medical Insurance

Basic Needs During Admission to the Wards

  • Towels
  • Personal use (soap, powder, shampoo, brush and toothpaste, sanitary pad)
  • Food & drink equipment (cups, plates, spoons)
  • Bottle (Hot & cold)
  • A pair of clothes / slippers
  • Prayer equipment

Use of Tools Below are Prohibited (in intensive care wards)

  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Flowers

Patients are discouraged to use

  • Electrical Equipment (TV, radio, “cellphone charger”)

Patients Are Not Allowed To

  • Leave of the ward without the nurse’s permission on duty.
  • Bring outside food without permission.
  • Bring out patient clothing and equipment belonging to HCTM
  • Bring cash and wear jewelry while in the ward. HCTM is not responsible for any loss
  • Take pictures or record video

Visitor Pass

Visiting Pass will be given by Head of Nurse or Area Manager.

Only female caregivers are allowed to take care of female patients. The Visiting Pass should be pinned to the shirt while in the ward.