Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz welcomes all our customers. Our aspiration is to give the best service based on patients’ needs and available expertise. We look forward to the cooperation from all our patients.

Below are the patient’s responsibilities:

  1. Provide and ensure all personal information are accurate, relevant and up-to-date.
  2. Do not abuse or damage the hospital facilities.
  3. Aware of the services offered by this hospital.
  4. Comply with hospital policies and regulations.
  5. Comply with rehabilitation / advice / counseling / treatment planning / procedures.
  6. Get the information regarding the relevant costs and manage all the payments.
  7. Responsible for the hospital medical/appointment document and card.
  8. Comply to the treatment plans that have been recommended by the specialist / staff
  9. Responsible for any effects due to rejection of care.
  10. Ensure all the bills and charge are paid/covered within the time period based on the rules and policy of the hospital.
  11. Concern and pay attention about the rights and comforts of other patients and hospital staff.
  12. Get the proper and correct information and ask the responsible party if you need more information.
  13. Read and understand surgical/procedure consent.
  14. Ensuring the presence of disabled / senior citizens to the hospital is accompanied by relative who is able to manage the patient’s needs.
  15. Responsible on own belongings while staying in HCTM
  16. Aware and adhere to safety and emergency measures and regulations within the premise.
  17. Respect staff who perform their duties and avoid any harassment involving physical, mental, sexual, and other.
  18. Do not bring any harmful equipment and illegal items into the premise.
  19. Do not bring any food / drinks that are NON HALAL to the premise.
  20. Do not seek any financial help from other patients / staff. All patient financial requests must be through the proper procedures.
  21. Adhere to the prohibition of the use of the camera / cell phone for the purpose of taking pictures / video / audio.