Members of the department were involved in the departmental preparation for the Faculty of Medicine’s Postgraduate curriculum revision.


A total of two workshops were held by the Department in preparing documents pertaining to the teaching and learning outcomes, in order to conform to the format and requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia , as well as various quality assurance bodies i.e. ISO.


  1. Postgraduate Curriculum Revision Workshop: 22-25 January 2018, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya.


The workshop was attended by ten lecturers from the Department, to review the essence of the curriculum and program outcomes in general. The Department members also worked together to tailor the documents to meet the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) as well as Quality agencies that monitor the academic program at UKM.

As a result of the three-day workshop, the department has been able to prepare almost 85% of the documents, in preparation for the curriculum revision for approval at Faculty level.


  1. Workshop with ‘Stakeholders’ – Honorary Clinical Supervisors from Ministry of Health Malaysia: March 22, 2018, Preface Building, PPUKM


The workshop was held with the aim of getting feedback on existing programs as well as suggestions for improvements deemed necessary for strenthening of the current program. The invited panelists consisted of Family Medicine Specialists appointed by UKM as Honorary Clinical Teachers  and also alumnus of UKM. The panel members present at the workshop were Dr. Naemah Sharifuddin (MOH), Dr. Wong Ping Foo (MOH), Dr Mohd Radzniwan Abdul Rashid (USIM), Dr Siti Aisyah Abdul Majid (MOH) and Dr Sumitha Chellathurai (MOH).


Associate Professor Dr Noor Azimah as Head of Department and Dr Saharuddin Ahmad as Postgraduate Program Coordinator presented the results of postgraduate curriculum revision to panel members to get opinions and suggestions for improvement for the before the Department proceeds to present it at the Faculty and subsequently the Senate for approval.