The Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) started with its first intake of five (5) postgraduate students in 1993. This program was the first postgraduate program in Family Medicine in a public university to be recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. As of  1997, UKM was joined by two other local public universities i.e. University of Malaya (UM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) to establish the national conjoint board for the discipline of Family Medicine.

To date, the number of conjoint members has increased and the board is now joined by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Malaysia (UIAM).

The National Conjoint Board for  Discipline of Family Medicine was established with the intention to standardize the assessment for the candidates of Family Medicine degree program  from all member public  universities.

Candidates from Ministry of Health Malaysia who wish to register for a postgraduate Master’s degree program in Medicine (Family Medicine), Faculty of Medicine, UKM should first meet the following prerequisite conditions set by the MOH. Please refer to the ‘Documents” section on this website for a copy of the latest terms and conditions.

Candidates from Ministry of Health Malaysia who are interested need to register with Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) online ( ) and  for candidates from other institutions or organisations, please refer to for further instructions.

Applications for admission to study for a master’s degree in  Medicine (Family Medicine) usually open in the month of October, for entry in June , the following year of study. There is only one (1) intake for new candidates for each acadaemic year.

First semester begins on 1st June every year.

Master of Medicine  (Family Medicine) Program is in Clinical form (mixed mode, clinical masters)

The screening process before being accepted into the program include:

  • Pre-qualification theory tests: a  Multiple Choice Questions format will be held only once a year,  at the host University, by rotation among the members of the Board of Conjoint. This exam is usually conducted in early December. It is  compulsory for all candidates to have a screening exam to qualify for the next stage of screening. This screening test is only valid for the application for study for the follwoing academic  session, and used as an assessment of the suitability of candidates only support the program.
  • Assessment of academic achievements (i.e. academic transcripts, certificates of performance of public examinations or equivalenta0 and service experience clinical status since full registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).
  • Invitation to attend the interview are issued only for the candidates shortlisted for the study session. Interviews will be conducted at the University of the Conjoint Board Chairman for the year.

The Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) in UKM

Generally, first two (2) years of postgraduate will go through postings in Ministry of Health Hospitals, and the next posting will be run in gazetted Ministry of Health health clinics.

HospitalPhase I (Year I)
Intensive Introductory Course 1 week
Internal Medicine 5 months
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3 months
Paediatrics 3 months

Intensive Course I
(Woman & Child Health & Evaluation) 1 week
Intensive Course II
(Preparation for the exam) 2 weeks
HospitalPhase II (Year II & III)

Year II
Psychiatry 2 months
Surgery 1 month
Orthopaedics & Traumatology 1 month
Otorhinolaryngology 1 month
Ophthalmology 1 month
Dermatology 1 month
Radiology 2 weeks

Intensive Course I
(Research week-Medical Faculty level) 1 week
Intensive Course II
(Specialized Skills in Family Medicine) 1 week
Obstetric and gynecology (clinic) 1 month
Neonatology 1 month
Accident & Emergency 2 months
Elective Posting: Methadone Clinic / HIV Clinic 1 month
PPUKM Cheras Primary Clinic, Kuala Lumpur (Required postings)Year III
PPUKM Cheras Primary Clinic 45 weeks
Intensive Course III
(Ethics & Communication skills) 1 week
Intensive Course IV
(Preparation for the exam) 2 weeks
Gazetted Ministry of Health ClinicsPhase III (of IV)
Community Polyclinic / Health Centre 44 weeks
Posting in District Health Office 2 weeks
Intensive Course I
(Practice management in Family Medicine) 1 week

Intensive Course II
(Preparation for Exam) 1 week

Effective May 2017
Part I: Theory and Clinical (OSCE)
Part II: Theory and Clinical (OSCE & LOSCE)
Modular Theory & Clinical examination.
Candidates only repeat the failed component within 6 months
Candidates must pass the pre-qualification requirements which pass both components
• Two (2) Family Case Study
• Thesis

Candidates who pass both components above are eligible to sit for Part III.
Part III: Practice Diary
Maximum years of study is seven (7) years from the date of program registration.


Graphs below show the performance of the candidates during the MMed (Family Medicine) program by the Department of Family Medicine from 1997 to 2015.







In 2005, the format of the evaluation of the clinical component of the Examination Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) was changed, with the addition of  Observed Short Case Examination (OSCE).