Pusat Perubatan Primer PPUKM located in Bandar Tasik Selatan previously has been closed officially on 01.08.2016 and has moved to its new location in Bangunan Plaza Dwitasik, Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The new primary care service is now  known as Klinik Primer PPUKM Cheras will be operational as of 1st September 2017

Information for patients:

Klinik Primer PPUKM Cheras  is a primary care clinic which aims to provide primary health care services in addition to carrying out teaching and learning activities as well as research in family medicine for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Faculty of Medicine,  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre.

It is located about 1.5 kilometers from UKM  Medical Centre, Cheras.  It caters to  the surrounding population’s primary healthcare needs i.e  providing follow-up care to patients who are stablilised and those requiring shared care  from various UKM Medical centre Specialty clinics in order to reduce the burden on the UKM patients in general.


Multistorey parking facilities are also available in the same building (maximum charge per day is RM5.00, Excel Parking) and outside of the building (parking meter rate is  RM1 per hour)

Clinical services provided:

Klinik Primer PPUKM Cheras  serves the communities within the 10- kilometer radius from the clinic and also under shared care arrangements with specialists in UKM Medical Centre, HCTM. This infrastructure also provides convenience and exposure to medical students.

The centre is equipped with facilities for medical services and medical support to provide comprehensive treatment for all patients for all kinds of situations, both acute, chronic and emergency stop (One stop centre).

Services provided at the clinic include:

  1. General Primary Care / Outpatient clinic
  2. Enhanced Diabetic Care (EDC)
  3. Adolescent & Child Health Clinic (ADC)
  4. Long-Term Stroke Care or Community Stroke care service (KLS)
  5. Dermatology Clinic
  6. Chronic Care Clinic
  7. Antenatal Clinic (ANC)


Waktu Operasi / Opening Hours

Hari / DayWaktu Operasi / Operational Hours
Isnin- Khamis /
8.00 pagi – 5.00 petang
(Rehat/ Break:1.00-2.00 petang)
Jumaat / Friday 8.00 pagi – 5.00 petang
(Rehat/ Break: 12.15 tengahari – 2.45 petang)
Sabtu, Ahad dan Cuti Am / Saturday. Sunday and Public HolidaysTutup / Closed

*Clinic sessions begin at 9 am after  the Continuous Medical Education Program (CME) which takes place from 8:00-9:00am daily (Mon-Fri)

The clinic practices staggered appointment system. Appointments are given according to the set time slot.

Please register no later than 15 minutes before the appointment that had been set.

The staff of the clinic adopts  the zero tolerance principle against patients and accompanying relatives / acquaintances who happen to be disrespectful to any staff member.

Patients and all visitors are advised to dress appropriately and modestly when attending the clinic.



Klinik Primer PPUKM Cheras,

Ground Floor, Block C (Tower Block),Plaza Dwitasik,

Jalan Permaisuri 1, Bandar Sri Permaisuri,

56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone number: +603 91710010 / 91710230 / 91710796