Objectives and Aim


    1. To be an excellent reference center for health and medicine in the country and region.
    2. To be an excellent research center in health and medicine in the country and region.
    3. To provide healthcare, education and healthcare services to residents in Cheras, Ampang and Hulu Langat areas to Semenyih and Bangi.
    4. To provide comprehensive and integrated training facilities for undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Dentistry.
    5. To provide training in specific sub-fields in the country.
    6. To provide quality facilities and equipment to assist in medical and health research activities.
    7. To provide modern, sophisticated and latest equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary health care.
    8. To provide comprehensive and integrated training to staff to strengthen their capabilities and skills in carrying out their duties.


    1. Ensure all staff follow the training program that has been scheduled to make them competent in the course of their work.
    2. Ensure that all facilities, equipment and infrastructure that support patient care are properly maintained according to the schedule set.
    3. Ensure prosperity and safety are coordinated by all parties and well controlled.
    4. Ensuring food serving services to patients are always adequate and supplied within the scheduled time and proper food dispensing.
    5. Ensure clinical support services such as medical rehabilitation, infection control, endoscopy, radiotherapy & oncology are given to patients referred to the unit within the prescribed period.
    6. Ensure that all administrative affairs such as human resources, finance, general administration, quality and customer service and public relations implement good responsibilities and roles to support the management of treatment services to patients.