Quality Objectives

  1. Provide quality, ethical and safe services to customers.
  2. Ensure that patients receive medical consultation within the prescribed period.
  3. Ensure that all paid patients are charged and receive payment receipts.
  4. Manage the registration and patients’ admission within the prescribed period.
  5. Ensure that appropriate medicines are dispensed to patients based on prescriptions made by the doctor.
  6. Ensure the patient’s medical information and records are always complete, updated and kept in a safe place.
  7. Ensure emergency cases are given immediate management.
  8. Ensure laboratory tests are carried out accurately within the prescribed period.
  9. Ensure imaging tests are conducted accurately within the prescribed period.
  10. Ensure that all HCTM activities and processes are implemented using the latest, efficient and cost-effective information technology.
  11. Ensure that all facilities, equipment and infrastructure that support patient care are properly maintained according to the scheduled time.
  12. Ensure well being and safety of costumers and staff are coordinated by all parties.
  13. Ensure meals to patients are proper, adequate and supplied within the scheduled time.
  14. Ensure clinical support services such as medical rehabilitation, infection control, endoscopy, radiotherapy & oncology are given to patients referred to the unit within the prescribed period.
  15. Ensure that all administrative affairs such as general administration, customer service quality, public relations and medical social work play roles to support the management of patients.
  16. Ensure management and human resource development are carried out in accordance with the procedures.
  17. Plan and manage hospital procurement effectively within the prescribed period according to
    current regulations.
  18. Prepare a budget application to distribute the allocation and prepare a report on the performance of the expenditure within the prescribed time frame.
  19. Manage supply of consumables item.
  20. Manage payments to HCTM customers within a specified time frame.
  21. Manage payments and deductions of monthly salary and allowance of staff within the stipulated period.
  22. Manage asset registration within specified time.
  23. Manage the revenue of the hospital according to the rules and achieve the target set.
  24. Manage weekly cash flow reports and review within the stipulated time.
  25. Manage offer letters and document rental space agreements within specified period.
  26. Prepare annual financial statement within the stipulated time.